The Sausage Capital of Nebraska

The people of the US have a rather delightful tendency to bestow upon their hometowns and cities worldly titles, crowing of mighty achievements, products and produce. Read on to find out where to go when you want to schedule a vacation to finally pay proper homage to socks, carrots and fire hydrants in the Sock, Carrot and Fire Hydrant Capitals of the World! I’m saving up for a visit to the Sausage Capital of Nebraska.

Eustis, Nebraska, Sausage Capital of Nebraska (Appetisingly, there are also Sausage Capitals of California, Texas, the United States and the World. The World title goes to Tuatepere, New Zealand, a logging town of 582 on the Waiau River. Thirty-five seconds research does not reveal why they won the Sausage Crown. Our Nebraska contender has been officially Sausage-centric since 1993 and their city site informs me that, “Although farming and cattle raising are the main industries of the area, this friendly town offers an attractive and progressive business district with many young business people.” Plus sausages. Awesome.)

Kenedy, Texas, Texas Horned Lizard Capital of the World

Odessa, Texas, Jackrabbit-Roping Capital of Texas

Albertville, Alabama, Fire Hydrant Capital of the World

Fort Payne, Alabama, Sock Capital of the World

Holtville, California, Carrot Capital of the World

Windom, Kansas, Covered Dish Capital of the World

Dubach, Louisiana, Drogtrot Capital of the World

Farmington, Maine, Earmuff Capital of the World

Berrien Springs, Michigan, Christmas Pickle Capital of the World

Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Cherry Pit Spitting Capital of the World

Braham, Minnesota, Homemade Pie Capital ofMinnesota

Washington, Missouri, Corn Cob Pipe Capital of the World

Rumney, New Hampshire, crutch capital of the World

Franklin, New Jersey, Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World

Elba and Florida, New York are both allegedly the Onion Capital of the World

El Reno, Oklahoma, Onion Fried Burger Capital of the World

Lebanon, Tennessee, Appalachian Square Dance of the World

Anthony, Texas and Anthony, New Mexicoare both Leap Year Capitals of the World

Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin, Snowshoe Baseball Capital of the World


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