I’ve just done a photoshoot, interview and photo handover for The Daily Record about The Scottish Ambassador. Those of you in Scotland can get a copy of Monday’s paper and guffaw heartily at the sight of me looking like an eejit, both in photos taken on the banks of the River Clyde this afternoon and in a selection of photos from my travels while doing the book. When I started this whole project I really didn’t give much/any thought to the fact that any humans, other than perhaps my mum, would see the photos (me wearing a Tam O’ Shanter while playing golf in the desert in Arizona, me wearing a moronic grin while wielding the wedding anvil at the Gretna Green wedding smithy in Louisiana, me wearing an enormous ostrich feather hat and floor-length kilt at the Kilt and Thistle Shoppe in Salem, Oregon.) Now 3.1 million Record readers will also be treated to such sights…

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