November 2015

Heifer the office kitten

Heifer the office kitten

19th NOVEMBER 2015

Apart from the obvious working-at-home advantages of rarely having to go further than the kettle and not needing to get properly dressed before lunchtime – if at all, my office has the additional bonus of regular visitors such as this one, Heifer, my four-month-old kitten. I hadn’t intended having any kittens on my desk, but we took in a daft, wee stray that lived out on the railway bank behind the house back in June… and only realised once she was ensconced inside that she was, in fact, a heavily pregnant, daft, wee stray… Heifer was one of five born in the basement. Her siblings went off to new homes a while back, but wee Heifer has made herself at home.

Plot doctorShe helps out when I’m stuck with the plot, too.

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