I’ve been writing travel features and reviews for almost twenty years, starting from occasional appearances in Ireland’s Sunday Tribune and The Irish Times to contributing to Budget Travel, The Travel Channel and The Miami Herald to editorial roles with publications from Private Islands Magazine and The Out Traveler.


I’ve always loved hotels, so much so, in fact, that I studied Tourism Marketing and Beverage Studies at The Scottish Hotel School.


Here are my photos and reviews of a few of my favourite hotels from my days as Editor At Large of The Out Traveler. Travel Guides are below. Scroll on.





I’ve written and edited travel guides for AOL, TripAdvisor, Sherman’s Travel, The Atlanta Constitution-Journal, The Advocate, Explorer Publishing, The Out Traveler, OutCity, MTV’s Logo, Cruise One and dozens of other publications around the world. Here are a few I particularly liked putting together.



A 10,000 word guide to Dallas’ neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and all-round splendidness. I also authored their Montreal and Toronto guides (see below).

Dallas, the Big D, wears many hats—not just a 10-gallon one, either. Embracing a flotilla of personalities—one minute a business titan, the next a Southern belle; sometimes urban hipster, sometimes quirky Bohemian—Dallas easily toggles between them all. But the city is always fanatic about sports. The home of five-time Super Bowl champions the Dallas Cowboys, the area got a new billion-dollar stadium in Arlington in 2009. The Super Bowl is set to call in 2011. The Texas Rangers play at the ballpark next door. Visiting a city known for business and football, it might surprise you to discover a steadily growing constellation of star chefs and acclaimed eateries, the most shopping malls per capita in the U.S., and an assured and often cutting-edge cultural scene. READ MORE!


A 10,000 word guide to Toronto’s neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and all-round awesomeness.

A Toronto vacation offers the very best of Canada. If Vancouver is the pretty face of Canada and Montreal its bohemian soul, Toronto is the country’s warm, fast-beating heart. Canada’s largest city by far—the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to 5.5 million people—the city is the financial, commercial, social and artistic capital of the country. Exceptional theater, music, bar and restaurant scenes make Toronto travel an exhilarating option. Mere steps from the bristle of downtown’s gleaming skyscrapers, a more down-to-earth, laid-back air prevails. Made up of a patchwork of distinct neighborhoods—including five Chinatowns and two Little Italys—Toronto is the world’s most multicultural metropolis. In fact, half of Toronto’s population was born outside Canada, and there are 200 different ethnic origins represented, not to mention 130 languages and dialects spoken within city boundaries. READ MORE!


A 10,000 word guide to Montreal’s neighborhoods, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, and all-round joie de vivre.
The world’s second-largest French-speaking city will swiftly charm its way into your heart. It’s hard to resist this multilingual and multicultural city of almost 4 million with its vibrant cafés, sidewalks terraces, boutique-lined avenues, cobblestone old city, and (in summer, anyway) lush parks and river beaches. Montréal is a city with a bevy of aliases: The Paris of North America, City of Churches, City of Festivals and even Sin City. It can sidle from its City of Churches persona to Sin City in just a block—just as easily as the locals can sashay between French and English. The delicate basilica of Notre-Dame in Old Montréal is only a few blocks from the Downtown red light district.  French is a first language for more than half of the population (only 12.5 percent of Montréal residents are native English speakers) but English speakers will find few language barriers during a Montréal vacation. READ MORE!

I wrote a big chunk of this book – the eating out and cafes section, plus the accommodation chapters.
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