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TITLE: The Scottish Ambassador, Learning How To Be Scottish in America

AUTHOR: Aefa Mulholland

PUBLISHER: Ponies and Horses Books

FORMATS: Hardback, paperback, e-book

DATE OF PUBLICATION: Hardback 20th August 2015, paperback and e-book 3rd October 2015

RETAIL PRICE: Hardback US$24.99/ CDN$29.99/ STG£14.99; Paperback US$15.99/ CDN$19.99/ STG£10.99; E-book US$9.99/ CDN$12.99/ STG£6.99

ISBN: Hardback 9781910631713, paperback 9781910631096, e-books 9781910631126 (MOBI),9781910631102 (PDF),9781910631119 (EPUB)

PAGE COUNT: 280 pages