(P+H Books, 2015)
Ex-pat Scot Aefa Mulholland travels around the U.S., persuading bemused Americans to teach her how to be a better Scot. From learning how to do Scottish Country Dancing in Honolulu to attempting golf for the first time on a rattlesnake-infested desert sand golf course in a trailer park in Arizona to learning to play the bagpipes in New Orleans, she learns about what it means to be Scottish, what it means to be Scottish-American and what it means to be at home such a long way from home.


“In [this] hilarious book, [Aefa Mulholland] travels across the US learning to be Scottish – with Gaelic lessons in Texas and bagpipes in New Orleans. Enjoy a great travelogue and human interest tale of small towns and big peoples enjoying their own tartan heavens all over America.” The Daily Record

“Very funny and entertaining… Too many books about Scotland as po-faced and serious as my own are craving attention. [The Scottish Ambassador] will amuse readers of every political stripe and will be popular with both Scots patriots and their critics.” – Alasdair Gray, author of Lanark

“Welcome to the USA – the United Scots of America – as chronicled by [Aefa Mulholland], a Glasgow-born author who has spent four years documenting the good, the bad and the crazy subcultures of our expats across the pond.” The Sunday Mail

Aefa Mulholland discovers her Scottishness in America. The Scottish Ambassador: Learning How to Be Scottish in America is a very witty and smart book. Mulholland is a great storyteller. Documenting her sojourns in the US as a travel writer, the Scottishness Aefa discovers is not the Scottishness she lived. In Scotland, where she was born and raised, she didn’t pay much attention to tartans and bagpipes. But away from home, she learns that Scottishness is performed robustly, and without irony, in so many parts of America. You can say that what Aefa learns is that Scottishness, and perhaps all national identities, are well-rehearsed fictions. And if Scottishess is a fiction, to her surprise, it is one to which she becomes attached—this might be her most significant learning. Read this book if you want be intellegently amused. — Dina,

5 star, I’m so glad those pies called to Aefa Mulholland! You have to read this! Even if you’re not a Scot and even if you’ve never lived abroad, you will laugh out loud at this engaging tale of Aefa Mulholland’s search for the missing 14% of Scottishness she discovered in herself. Wonderful descriptions – I can’t get out of my mind the vision of the supposed understanding smile that, “…..looked like I’ve just eaten a mouthful of parboiled squirrel.” Understated humour, a great turn of phrase and lots of interesting information. Travel writing that takes you right there along with the author and right into her experience. – Jennifer,

This book is absolutely hilarious…laugh out loud funny, clever writing blended with unique observations. Recommend! – Amazon Customer,

Chicken and HenCHICKEN AND HEN

(P+H Books, 2015)

Aefa Mulholland recounts the story of her family’s adoption of a tiny, talkative three-year-old from the other side of town, from his first words to her to his final goodbye, in the heartwarming and heartbreaking Chicken & Hen.


In this short memoir about adoption Aefa Mulholland takes the reader right into her own 10 year-old world of bewilderment, disappointment and sheer joy as her family seeks to adopt a child. And then takes us into Brian’s life and what he brought to her and to the family. It wasn’t always joy, but what shines through is the love. I came away feeling sore for Brian’s thwarted search for a positive life, despite all the love, and full of joy for Aefa Mulholland and Brian’s Wee Joe and all their adventures together. A must read! – Jennifer, on

5 star, A Poignant Story of an Adopted Little Brother

A short memoir detailing the relationship between the author and her adopted brother. You’ll both laugh and cry at the stories from their first introductions through their lives together. It’s a compelling read that left me with a lump in my throat. – Eoin,

5 star, Beautiful Recollection, Honestly Told

Heartwarming short story which left me smiling and with a tear in my eye at the same time! Passed this on to my mother and my, never reads a book, husband, who both loved it as much as I did. – Christina,

5 star, Must Read

This little gem had my laughing and crying all in the space of half an hour. It is a must read for anyone. – Barrie,