Aefa MulhollandAefa Mulholland is an award-winning travel and food writer. Born in Glasgow, she now divides her time between Toronto and Glasgow. Aefa has worked with national broadcasters in the UK, Ireland and Canada, and with a plethora of publications from The Miami Herald to The Irish Times. She has been published or broadcast on four continents, writing or presenting on subjects from mule racing in Montana to the hazards of bingo in Glasgow to partying with The Pixies in Dublin.

Her work has won a Northern Lights Award for Excellence in Travel Writing and an Irish Film Board award. Other things that Aefa has won include a national poetry competition (aged 6) for a heartfelt poem about a dead deer, £3 betting on a mouse race in North Tipperary and $12 in the New York State Lottery.

The Scottish AmbassadorShe writes offbeat hotel reviews and destination guides for Angry Sea Turtles and is working on a documentary on career options for seahorses. Published in July 2015, Chicken & Hen, Aefa’s story of her family’s adoption of a tiny, talkative three-year-old from the other side of town, is part of P+H Books’ first Childhood 6 of 1 memoir series. She is the author of full length travel memoir The Scottish Ambassador, Learning How To Be Scottish in America, published by P+H Books in 2015.